!!NEW!! Now offering Up To 30% Savings on Domestic and International, Overnight Services. For more information, contact us to chat with one of our customer service representatives.


Specializing in rush deliver services, you have 2 speedy options...

DIRECT: Picked up and delivered in less than 1hr 15mins.

HOT SHOT: Picked up and delivered within 2 hours

Service rates and schedules are based on driver availability.

Additional Service Options for as low as $8.00!

REGULAR: Delivered in under 4 hours

SAME DAY: Delivered the same day by 5pm

OVERNIGHT: Delivered the next business day before 5pm

OVERNIGHT / OUT-OF-TOWN: services available with savings up to 30%

Contact us any time to request a rate sheet. JB Courier Ltd. Terms and Conditions will be made available upon request.

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